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AFDR’s exclusive 1 Question Survey Report is published quarterly and will be sent directly to your email box.

Each edition provides you a real-world pulse of what foodservice distributor sales reps (DSRs) are thinking and doing when it comes to selling your products and brand. You’ll receive:

  • Compiled weekly results from our weekly 1-Question Survey of AFDR members — including their unfiltered comments about each topic.
  • Insights from distributor sales professionals to tie overall market trends with DSRs’ commentary.
  • Specific recommendations on how to motivate DSRs to sell your product to independent operators.
  • Hear directly from DSRs about the issues and product concerns that AFDR’s members deal with when serving 260,000 operators each week.


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The 1 Question Survey is produced quarterly by the Association For Foodservice Distributor Representatives.


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